Our Team and our Clinic


Our Team

Ensuring participants’ safety is our priority.‭ That is why tests are conducted according to strict procedures and supervised by qualified and experienced doctors, nurses and technicians. At any time of day or night, you will be supervised by our staff who will answer all your questions and attend to all your needs.


Our Clinic

The vast majority of our studies require that participants stay at our facilities. The usual stay is 36 hours, but periods may vary. During your stay, you will receive the study drug, and we perform blood tests to assess the extent and speed of absorption and elimination of the drug in your body to determine its safety.

You will stay at one of our five well-designed and modern clinical units, each containing 35 to 60 beds. You will sleep in a room with up to 8 other participants, or in a dormitory. Our clinic located in the Quebec Metro High Tech Park operates night and day. All stays must be made ​​at our Quebec City clinic. However, we can accommodate return visits at our Montreal facility. We also offer a shuttle service between Montreal and Quebec.

All meals and snacks are provided by a catering service.

You will have access to computers, televisions, a wide selection of films, board games, newspapers, magazines and wireless internet (WiFi).

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