What is the goal of HAP studies?

Syneos Health intends to conduct clinical studies on drugs used for recreational reasons.  Human Abuse Potential (HAP) studies aim to determine the potential for abuse or misuse of a new drug that is being developed. They are very important, in that they help us understand the safety of a new drug and the risks of it being abused once it is marketed and available to the general public. Human Abuse Potential studies rely on the experience of volunteers who already use similar drugs recreationally (for non-medical reasons). This means that you take drugs for enjoyment and not to treat a medical condition. We need experienced drug users who are familiar with the effects of drugs such as euphoria, sedation and other mood changes, to help us understand if these drugs may be misused in the future.


All information gathered here is recorded and kept confidential, regardless of your eligibility to participate in a future study.  If you meet the requirements, you may be contacted for future studies.

Drugs users for recreational reasons are needed

Syneos Health will need participants who have experience using the following drugs for recreational reasons, which means taking the drugs for enjoyment or a change in your mood, and not to treat a medical condition, such as:

  • cannabinoids (for example, marijuana, hashish)
  • opioids (for example, pain relievers, Oxycontin®, hydrocodone, heroin, morphine)
  • stimulants (for example, cocaine, amphetamine)
  • sedatives (for example, Valium®, Xanax®, GHB, tranquilizers)
  • dissociative anaesthetic ( for example, ketamine (Special K), PCP (angel dust)
  • hallucinogens (for example, LSD, magic mushrooms)

As part of these studies, volunteers will be given different study drugs and asked to rate how the drug makes them feel.  Like every clinical study conducted at Syneos Health, your safety and security are our priorities. Studies are performed in our clinic to ensure that your health status is monitored.  Medical procedures and tests will be used to help evaluate the effects of the study drug being tested.

Volunteers who will participate in these studies will receive compensation for their time and travels.  If you are interested, please complete the online form and our staff will contact you.  Please note that you will not receive compensation for completing these online questions.

Interested to contribute to tomorrow’s medicine?

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