Types of studies

Bioequivalence studies

Most studies conducted by Syneos HealthTM are bioequivalence studies, or studies that seek to prove that the copy of an existing medication is the same as the marketed medication, as with generic drugs. To do this, we test the extent and speed of absorption and elimination of the drug in the body. This involves collecting a high number of blood samples during a study. Moreover, we use a catheter for the comfort of participants.

Phase I studies

We also conduct Phase I studies to evaluate new molecules. This type of study is performed once a drug has passed laboratory and pre-clinical tests. This testing is usually conducted with a small group of healthy volunteers. The main purpose of these studies is to determine the range of safe doses of a drug and its method of absorption and elimination in the human body. Medical supervision is ensured and strict control procedures are applied during these studies to ensure safety of participants.

Your security: our priority

Tests are conducted according to strict procedures and supervised by qualified and experienced doctors, nurses and technicians. At any time of day or night, you will be supervised by our staff who will answer all your questions and attend to all your needs.

All our studies comply with Canadian regulations and our research protocols are reviewed by an independent ethics committee and Health Canada. Since many studies involve generic drugs (copies of drugs currently on the market), we already know the possible side effects related to the drug being tested.


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