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Contributing to the future of medicine

inVentiv Health Clinical conducts clinical studies for pharmaceutical companies in virtually all therapeutic areas. These generally aim to assess the extent of the body’s absorption and elimination of a drug to determine its safety for use in humans.

Most clinical studies we conduct require healthy volunteers. However, we also conduct certain types of studies that require participation of people with diseases. These projects are carried out in close collaboration with a network of medical specialists and family physicians. At inVentiv, we have been enrolling several hundred volunteers annually for 20 years. Their role is crucial, since no drug can be marketed without their contribution.

Our history

Anapharm emerged in 1994 in Quebec city. Launched by Marc LeBel and François Vallée, both researchers at Université Laval, the company has quickly grown and gained international recognition. After being successively acquired by SFBC International, then PharmaNet, the company became finally in January 2013, a clinical division of inVentiv Health, a multinational company specializing in healthcare industry. The company has 13,000 employees working in more than 35 countries, including nearly 500 in the offices of Quebec and Montreal.



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